Frequently Asked Questions

    You can make a general contribution, a memorial donation in remembrance of a loved one or colleague, or designate a person or event you would like to honor by donating to On Lok. Your donation is tax deductible. Please send your donations to the address below and be sure to include a return address so we may acknowledge receipt of your contribution and communicate our thanks for your support.

    On Lok Development Department
    1333 Bush Street
    San Francisco, CA 94109

    For On Lok events, please visit the “Upcoming Events” portion of our website by clicking here.

    On the corporate level, On Lok hosts an Annual Spring Celebration in May, an Invitational Golf Tournament in June, and its Annual Generations Fashion Show that supports On Lok’s Intergenerational program in September.

    Please email to find out how you can support or participate in these events.

    Have a car, motorcycle, RV, boat you want to donate? You can support On Lok by donating just about any motor vehicle on wheels and support our seniors!

    Our agent, Vehicles For Charity, will take care of the donation process from start to finish in four easy steps.

    1)      48 Hour Pickup – Provide Vehicles For Charity with your information and within 48 hours they will pick up your motor vehicle, even if it’s not running.

    2)      No DMV – There are no upfront costs for you. Vehicles For Charity handles the DMV paper work and the sale of your motor vehicle.

    3)      Marketing Your Motor Vehicle – Your motor vehicle goes to auction to get the best prices possible.

    4)      On Lok Receives The Funds – Vehicles For Charity transfers the funds directly to On Lok.


    If you wish to speak to On Lok about donating your motor vehicle, please contact Jessica Chang Greenman, Gift Officer, at or 628.208.8449.

    There are many ways to help On Lok or any of its related not-for-profit organizations. Please click here to find out how.

    On Lok is very fortunate to have the assistance of its principal support organization, Friends of On Lok. To find out more about this organization, and how you can join, please email us at

    On Lok is always grateful for being considered for grant opportunities. Please contact us by sending an email message to Michael Lee, Development Director, at

    Your past experience does not limit your ability to volunteer at On Lok. We can use volunteers of all ages, with all skill sets, and for long or short durations. Contact the volunteer coordinator by emailing to find out how you can help. You’ll find it a very gratifying experience!

For more information please contact:
Development Department: (415) 292-8733