On Lok Intergenerational Program

Since On Lok’s inception in 1971, we have been committed to involving children in the lives of elderly participants through a variety of both unstructured and structured activities. What began as a natural extension of simple social interaction eventually grew into structured intergenerational programs, with every On Lok center including intergenerational activities in the lives of its elderly clients.

Participants in On Lok’s Intergenerational Programs range in age from 2 to 102. They come together at On Lok’s centers for activities specifically designed to create opportunities for the development of significant and mutually beneficial relationships.

From the exciting beginning, many types of intergenerational programs at On Lok have grown. For many years, On Lok has worked in partnership with San Francisco schools (both public and private): pre-schools, elementary, junior high & high schools, and with both general and special education classes.

We provide a diverse mixture of opportunities for old and young in our community to come together, learn from each other and build genuine friendships.

For more info, contact Kelley Sheldon at kelley@onlok.org.local