On Lok PACEpartners Workshops:
CMS PACE Audit – Beyond the Mechanics

Is your organization audit-ready? PACE organizations are audited by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) every year for their first three years, and approximately every three years thereafter.

As the consulting arm of On Lok, the founder of PACE, On Lok PACEpartners has created CMS PACE Audit – Beyond the Mechanics Workshops, a series of two, two-hour online workshops to help prepare your organization for a successful audit by focusing on the areas beyond the regulatory components of the audit such as: understanding how CMS conducts an audit, communication with CMS auditors, guiding your team through the audit, and how to write your responses to a Request for Additional Information (RAI).

Co-developed by an experienced CMS PACE auditor, and a registered nurse with over 35 years of regulatory experience, On Lok PACEpartners CMS PACE Audit – Beyond the Mechanics Workshops provide guidance, training, participant scenarios, and interactive exercises for interdisciplinary, quality, regulatory and compliance teams.

Workshops can be taken as a group or individually.

Workshop 1 – Fundamentals

Designed for PACE staff who are new to the CMS audit process or need a refresher.

Workshop 2 – Developing Proficiency

For PACE staff seeking a higher level of skill, or who have previously participated in a CMS PACE audit and want a refresher and opportunity to discuss strategy in light of the 2021 Final Rule and updates in the 2023 Audit Protocol.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the CMS audit process

  • Knowing how to prepare for a CMS audit

  • Characteristics of a successful CMS audit

  • Identifying high-risk areas and mitigation

  • Creating a synchronized, cross-team response plan

  • Managing the CMS relationship

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