Exploring PACE

Exploring PACE: Assessing the feasibility of becoming a successful PACE provider

On Lok PACEpartners will bring our in-depth knowledge of the PACE model and help you objectively assess the strategic, market and financial feasibility of bringing PACE to your community. 

Our market feasibility studies draw upon our 50+ years of experience and the launching of seven On Lok PACE centers, pioneering the replication of PACE across the nation, and offering guidance to prospective and established PACE organizations. 

This first step will provide you with the in-depth data and rigorous analysis needed to assist your decision to proceed with the PACE provider application.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive orientation to the PACE model for management and boards

  • Demographic analysis of PACE-eligible older adults

  • Competitive analysis  

  • Feasibility analysis and business planning

  • Financial modeling

  • Organizational capacity

  • Regulatory requirements

  • State environment for PACE

  • PACE center tours