Operating a PACE program

Source: National PACE Association

Operating a PACE program: Helping organizations achieve their goals

Our work draws upon our 50+ years of experience as a mission-driven organization serving seniors and, since the 1980s, opening seven PACE programs, pioneering the replication of PACE across the nation, and offering guidance to prospective or established PACE organizations. Working closely with your team, we provide strategic guidance and technical consultation for any operations area, from planning and operating a PACE clinical department to marketing your program in the community.

Areas of focus include:

  • Staffing

    • Hiring of key staff roles 

    • Assistance in filling interim management positions

  • Training

    • PACE Competency Evaluation Program 

    • Performance training

    • Interdisciplinary Team training 

    • Program director and center managers training

    • Discipline-specific training for any staff member

  • Audit preparation and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) follow-through

  • Marketing and strategic business planning

  • Quality Assurance program development (QAPI)

  • Assessment of program systems

  • Infrastructure development or redesign

  • PACE expansion planning and application development