Meet Our Team

On Lok PACEpartners is the first and only PACE consulting organization backed by On Lok’s deep knowledge of the care of older adults and our experience operating multiple PACE centers. Our project teams are tailored to your business needs and include expertise in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Competency Development

  • Facility and Clinical Operations

  • Training

  • Regulatory & Compliance

  • Finance

  • Marketing and Census Development

PACE Organization Wheel

Headshot of the PACEpartners team lead, Sandy Rodgers. The medium grey background fades to a lighter grey. Sandy is wearing black framed glasses, a royal blue button-up shirt, and a dark grey blazer.

Sanford (Sandy) Rodgers Director and Senior Consultant, On Lok PACEpartners

As On Lok PACEpartners Director and Senior Consultant, Sandy Rodgers brings in-depth knowledge of PACE to current and prospective PACE organizations.  

His 25+ years of healthcare experience includes over eight years leading PACE programs from an operational and census-growth perspective, developing new PACE programs nationwide, and elevating existing programs’ performance.  His expertise working with federal and state agencies supports clients seeking to understand the regulatory and compliance complexities of PACE. 

Sandy’s experience includes consulting for pharmaceutical industry leaders and serving as an internal consultant for post-acute skilled care providers. 

His approach is focused on understanding his clients’ objectives and developing solutions that will achieve their goals while advancing the PACE mission for the community. Contact: Sanford Rodgers, Director Telephone: 415-292-8667 Email:

Thank you for your interest in On Lok PACEpartners.

Headshot of Director of PACEpartners Operational Excellence, Lori Frank. The medium grey background fades to a lighter grey. Lori is smiling and wearing a black boat neck shirt and a black blazer.

Lori Frank, MBA Director On Lok PACEpartners Operational Excellence and Senior Consultant

Lori brings over 30 years of clinical and operational experience in PACE and various healthcare settings.  Lori began her career as an Occupational Therapist working in various healthcare settings across the country, including acute care, nursing facilities, home health, and rehabilitation facilities.  She followed this clinical work with leadership positions in rehabilitation environments, and as a Nursing Home Administrator.

For the past 20 years, Lori has focused her energy and passion in operational leadership for a large, multi-site PACE program, consisting of both urban and rural locations.  Lori was instrumental in the growth of the program, overseeing new site development as well as directing operations and operational leadership through census growth of more than 350%.  Her PACE experience has also included collaboration and focus on all things regulatory, financial, clinical & quality, and team and customer satisfaction.

Headshot image of Melanie Cappel. The medium grey background fades into a light grey color. Melanie is smiling and wearing small gold earrings and a beige twill blazer.

Melanie Cappel Project Manager and PACE Consultant

Melanie Cappel's passion for PACE was ignited while working with the enrollment team at PACE programs in San Diego, California. Since then, she has applied her 8+ years of experience in sales, business development, and market strategy to addressing enrollment gaps experienced by PACE programs.

Headshot image of Gary Campenella. The image background is a light taupe color. Gary is wearing silver oval glasses, a dark royal blue blazer, a light blue button-up shirt, and a gradient blue tie.

Gary Campanella PACE Finance Specialist

Gary Campanella, former On Lok Chief Financial Officer, will provide leadership in the development of the financial pro forma. Gary has 30 years of finance experience in healthcare and operations including being CFO for On Lok for 5 years. His expertise includes rate setting methodology for Medi-Cal rates; designing and implementing multi-year financial planning processes; initiating public bond financing for capital projects; implementing Prophix for financial planning.

Headshot image of Brian King, CMS Specialist. The background is a dark taupe color. Gary is wearing a light grey blazer, a white button-up shirt, and a red tie.

Brian King CMS PACE Audit Specialist

CMS Specialist Brian King, RN has participated in more than 50 CMS PACE audits as either a clinical element lead, medical record review trainer, or provision of service team member. He has extensive knowledge of and experience in all phases of deliverables for routine, trail period, impact analysis validation, and sanction validation audits.