Consulting and technical assistance for your PACE program

A flexible, customized approach to meet the needs of your PACE organization

Wherever you are in the process, wherever you are in the country, On Lok PACEpartners can help you launch and run a successful PACE program.

On Lok PACEpartners draws upon a rich history of expertise and innovation at On Lok PACE in service to the elderly. As the pioneers of PACE, we are uniquely qualified to support organizations in evaluating their capacity, launching new programs, and maintaining cost-effective and compliant program and administrative operations.

Fifty years ago in San Francisco, On Lok began creating a unique, integrated healthcare and supportive services program to empower nursing home-eligible seniors to continue to live in their own homes. Our success led to the national replication of our program, now known as PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly).

To launch this replication, On Lok served as the original PACE Technical Assistance Center (TAC), spawning the first generation of PACE programs in the 1980s. Today, On Lok PACEpartners continues the tradition of innovation and excellence in technical assistance consulting, offering comprehensive support and expertise in all areas of PACE development.

On Lok PACEpartners is a division of On Lok and a NPA-recognized Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

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The tools we have received from On Lok PACEpartners are well-developed and comprehensive, saving our staff a ton of time. Why reinvent the wheel?

– A young West Coast PACE program

How We Help

On Lok PACEpartners offers expertise and comprehensive support in all areas of PACE development, operations and administration. Is there an area of your PACE program that needs help? Let’s discuss customizing tools or training for your PACE organization. Our flexible, customized approach enables us to offer excellent value to our clients, as you utilize only those services that you need:

  • Exploring PACE – Understand the PACE model and objectively assess the strategic and financial feasibility of developing PACE for your organization – crucial steps before deciding to go forward with the PACE provider application.

  • Pursuing PACE – Preparing the PACE provider application, developing the facility, systems and services, obtaining key licenses and launching enrollment

  • Operating PACE – Technical assistance interventions and support for fully developed and mature programs, such as audit preparation.

  • Training – Dynamic skill development opportunities designed to support PACE staff, managers, facilitators and teams.

  • Strategic planning and meeting facilitation – Support in planning and facilitating strategic discussions for leadership teams and departments to reach agency goals.

  • Administrative services – Support with claims processing and other administrative functions.

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