Memory Care

Compassionate memory care

When caring for seniors with dementia, we aim to foster the sense of belonging that make all PACE participants feel valued, cared for, and socially connected. Our memory care programming is based on On Lok PACE’s extensive experience caring for seniors living with memory loss and other cognitive challenges.

Most participants with dementia regularly attend one of our PACE centers, where they receive full-service care that includes memory care. For participants with more advanced dementia, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg On Lok Memory Care Center, a PACE alternative care setting, provides a dedicated environment and more specialized programming to meet their needs.

  • On Lok’s person-centered memory care focuses on the participant’s strengths and capabilities, rather than on what has been diminished or lost.

  • Activities are designed to add purpose and enjoyment to daily life.

  • Creative expression is part of our specialized dementia programming to support self-identity, self-worth, and relaxation.

To learn more about our PACE centers and alternative care settings, contact us at 1-855-973-1110 (TTY: 711).

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg On Lok Memory Care Center

Everything about The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg On Lok Memory Care Center in San Francisco has been designed to enhance the quality of life and dignity of participants living with memory loss.

OnLok's primary physician, Hong Wu, MD, looks over a patient

Memory care programming in a dedicated setting, to enhance dignity and quality of life.

Caring, specialized staff

  • Our memory care center staff create a warm, supportive and enriching environment for seniors and their family caregivers.

  • All memory care center staff members complete training through the Alzheimer’s Association.

Memory care programming

  • Our memory care programming enhances the use of cognitive skills, fosters social connections, and supports physical mobility and stability.

  • With a ratio of one staff member for every four participants, each senior receives individual attention and person-centered care.

A space created specifically for memory care

  • Our adult memory care center was developed by an architecture firm specialized in spaces for people with dementia.

  • Designed to feel like a comfortable home, it offers spaces both for rest and relaxation and for stimulating large- and small-group activities, meals, and socializing.

  • Every detail, from the texture of the furnishings and the lighting to the garden wall of living plants, has been planned to enhance the safety and well-being of participants living with dementia.