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Fitness and fall prevention classes help you stay strong, healthy, and independent.

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Exercise and fall prevention classes for seniors

On Lok Always Active provides you with a personalized wellness plan and weekly exercise and fall prevention classes. The program incorporates movements that you can do on your own as well as in a group setting.

  • Weekly classes are specifically designed for older adults and adults with disabilities. 

  • 60 minutes of general conditioning with focus on mobility, muscle strengthening, balance, and flexibility

  • 20 locations and 30 exercise leaders, serving over 1400 participants throughout San Francisco

  • Classes in English, Spanish, Cantonese

  • High-risk seniors can participate in our 12-week Fall Prevention program, proven effective in reducing risk of falls and injury, improving fitness levels, and empowering seniors to take control of personal health.

On Lok Always Active virtual classes during COVID-19

On Lok Always Active in-person group classes are suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.  Classes are offered online on the following days:  

  • On Lok Always Active, Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

  • On Lok Always Active in Spanish and English, Tuesday and Thursday the 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

  • Fall Prevention – Monday and Thursday, 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

For additional information or to enroll in the program, please contact Luz Villaneuva at 415-550-2265 and 415-550-2291 or email


Exercise videos are also available:

Mobility Matters: FAI:

Visit our Resource page:

USF Senior Center statement

On Lok Always Active classes are held at the following San Francisco locations. During Covid-19, classes are online.

Click here for a schedule of classes.

On Lok 30th Street Senior Center 225 30th St., 3rd floor, 415-550-6003

Aquatic Park 890 Beach St., 415-923-4482

Castro Senior Center 110 Diamond St., 415-863-3507

Canon Kip  705 Natoma St., 415-550-2265

Cayuga Community Connectors 2525 Alemany Blvd., 415-550-6003

Downtown Senior Center

481 O’Farrell St., 415-771-7950

Dr. George Davis Senior Center

1753 Carroll Ave., 415-822-1444

I.T. Bookman Community Center

446 Randolph St., 415-586-8020

Inner Sunset CC –  St. Anne of the Sunset Church

1371 Funston Ave., 415-550-2265

Manilatown Senior Center

848 Kearny St., 415-398-3250

METCC (Merced Extension Community Connectors)

201 Head St., 646-409- 7775

Midtown Terrace Community Connectors

250 Laguna Honda Blvd., 415-810-1727

Miraloma Community Connectors (Tuesday and Thursday)

480 Teresita Blvd., 714-423- 8844

Miraloma Community Connectors (Wednesdays) 

350 O’Shaughnessy, 714-423- 8844

OMI Senior Center

65 Beverly St., 415-334-5550

Richmond Senior Center

6221 Geary Blvd. #3, 415-752-6444

South Sunset Senior Center

2601 40th Ave., 415-566-2845

St. James (Episcopal Senior Communities)

4620 California St., 415-563-8043

Sunnyside Community Connectors

415 Edna St., 415-550-6003

West Portal Club House

Temporary location: 280 Claremont Blvd., 415-239-991

131 Lenox Way

Western Addition Senior Center

1390 ½ Turk St., 415-921-7805

We need your support!

On Lok Always Active is partially funded by the City and County of San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS), and the generosity of our supporters.

Your tax-deductible donation protects access to exercise programs for seniors, helping to keep aging adults healthy, fit, and socially connected to the community.

To donate, simply click the link below and add “Always Active” in the comment field.