Dr. Charlotte Carlson, associate medical director at On Lok Lifeways, has been selected as a Scholar for the second cohort of the Tideswell at UCSF, American Geriatrics Society (AGS) and the Association of Directors of Geriatric Academic Programs (ADGAP) Emerging Leaders in Aging Program for 2016-2017.

The Tideswell, AGS, and ADGAP Emerging Leaders in Aging Program is designed as a hands-on and practical program for emerging leaders in aging. The program focuses on augmenting and leveraging existing leadership skills relevant to clinical research and education. Utilizing principles emanating from the “start-up” culture in technology and innovation, the program builds on pressing challenges that new leaders are experiencing and helps them develop strategies to address and sustain positive change.

“This is a time when we must lead organizations with vision, meaning, direction and focus as we make the innovative and transformative changes needed to improve care for older adults,” said Dr. Carlson. “I intend to further these principles at On Lok Lifeways, as we continue our efforts to improve seniors’ lives across the Bay Area.”

Dr. Carlson is among 16 select scholars who will spend a year in the program and build leadership skills to:

  • Engage in effective reflective practice when leading programs to benefit older adults

  • Motivate teams and communicate a shared vision and strategy for expert eldercare that influences, inspires and empowers

  • Implement positive change and scale up impact, particularly when working in environments where resources may already be limited

The Emerging Leaders in Aging Program begins with a two-day workshop in San Francisco in fall 2016 and continues with ongoing individual and small group coaching/mentoring sessions. Scholars will convene for a culminating in-person meeting preceding the 2017 AGS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Tex. from May 18-20, 2017.