Join On Lok and our community partners Sunday, May 16th from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, as we hold our first On Lok Peace Caravan. The mission of this procession is to celebrate the AAPI community and condemn all acts of racism and hate. If you do plan to come out and show your support, let us know and register on Eventbrite.

The On Lok Peace Caravan will begin at 1:00 pm PDT and make stops at the Ferry Building, Chinatown, and Union Square. We invite everyone to join us and to show their support by coming out to wave and smile, or even honking their horn if they see the caravan from a vehicle. And please make sure to follow local COVID-19 safety protocols.

For 50 years, On Lok has protected and advocated for underserved seniors. Our commitment to the AAPI community started in 1971, when we first opened our doors in the Chinatown North Beach neighborhood. Our name, originally founded as 安樂居, pays homage to these beginnings, and translates to a peaceful, happy home in Cantonese.

We honor our 50 year legacy of supporting seniors, by hosting this Peace Caravan to raise awareness of violence against the AAPI community. To read more about our pledge of support, please read our open letter to the community