On Lok's 50th Anniversary

Serving the Bay Area Community since 1971

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, On Lok launched a 50 Stories social media campaign so that our community can share special memories or stories about On Lok. Please email communitynews@onlok.org to share your story. 

Grace Li-50 Stories

“For 50 years On Lok has helped seniors embrace life, and we want to celebrate this special milestone with you! Each week, from now until the end of the year, we will share stories from members of our community, partners, and staff, that reflect on the past, and inspire the future.”

50 Years, 50 Stories

Luz Villanueva

On Lok Always Active

Fonia Chan

Social Worker, On Lok PACE

Karyn Skultety

Former Executive Director, Openhouse

Jeannie Soo-Hoo

Activity Leader, On Lok PACE

Dr. Michelle Ong

Center Lead Physician, On Lok PACE

Evangeline Mijares

Physical Therapist, On Lok PACE

On Lok Peace Caravan

Supporting the AAPI Community

On Lok

Founding Story

Activity Team


Kenneth Wong

Healthier Living Coordinator, On Lok 30th Street Senior Center