Our Culture

Our people breathe life into our core values every day

Our people are the culture at On Lok. The winners of our annual “Above & Beyond” awards are nominated by their peers for their commitment to their teams and service to our senior community.

Our 2023 “Above & Beyond” winners exhibit our core values in how they approach their work each day and how they treat others.

Margarita Partida-Girl accepts Above & Beyond Award 2023

Direct Care Winner

Margarita Partida-Gil, Activity Therapist

"Margarita radiates warmth and draws people in. Her can-do, positive attitude connects with participants, attracting them to engage in activities even if they are nervous or reluctant. Margarita’s work enhanced PACE with her attention to detail and infectious energy. She has inspired new team members and often serves as a mentor for new employees."

Neil Tiwari accepts Above & Beyond award 2023

Non-Direct Care Winner 

Neil Tiwari, Health Information Tech 1

"Neil was nominated for his impeccable organizational skills and ongoing dedication to On Lok’s mission. Neil ensures our medical records are accurate and readily accessible. Neil is committed to excellence, and he often goes above and beyond to track down patient records and even assists in solving issues with hospital data. He follows through on tasks until he is satisfied, elevating the work of everyone who relies on medical charting.  Neil has a unique ability to balance professionalism with humility and humor. He is highly deserving of the A&B Award."

Lai-Wah Tam accepts Above and Beyond award 2023

On Lok Nurse of the Year and NPA Nurse of the Year

Lai-Wah Tam, RN Lead 

"Lai-Wah is a career nurse who has been with On Lok for 38 years. Her legacy resides in the rare trifecta where willingness, compassion, and experience consistently overlap. Lai-Wah’s peers comment on her willingness to help our participants and their families, and how she leans into her compassion. The On Lok interdisciplinary team (IDT) relies on her experience. These individual attributes are notable, yet when combined, they provide an unshakable foundation for PACE and ensure we can deliver quality care coordination to seniors with complex needs. Colleagues have repeatedly said she is the nurse they want at their side, whether it’s executing a difficult  blood draw, dealing with an emotional participant, or handling a crisis."

Coy Meza accepts Above & Beyond award 2023

Front Line Worker of the Year 

Coy Meza, Caregiver 1

"Coy is a seasoned caregiver for the last 30 years, was in the trenches through the AIDS epidemic, social activist throughout his life for defending basic human rights. He anticipates participants' needs in a detailed and quiet way, always looking out for safety. He is always willing to help participants and even received letters from CPMC thanking him for his support, communication and advocacy for participants he escorts." 

Our Core Values

  • Compassion: We care for each other, our partners and the people we serve. We act with empathy, kindness and a desire to help.

  • Excellence: We set high standards and we strive to be the best we can be in everything we do. This takes integrity, quality, innovation, collaboration, resilience, skills and learning.

  • Resourcefulness: We steward resources in an effective and responsible way. We think creatively to solve problems and innovate.

  • Inclusivity: We create an environment of collaboration and respect the voices, experiences, and interests of diverse cultures and society groups. All experience a sense of belonging and dignity.

Our Diversity Statement

At On Lok, we recognize that an imbalance of power, access, resources, and life opportunities has led to health disparities and inequities. We address this imbalance by advocating and pioneering programs that empower all individuals to age with dignity and independence.

We believe our work in our communities has been welcomed and unwavering because of our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion throughout our workforce and organizational culture. We not only celebrate but also act upon the strengths of diverse experiences within our communities and among our employees.

As our organization evolves, we remain committed to leading sustainable efforts to embrace and actualize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in every aspect of our work.

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