Dear Friends,

Through our work, we see too many seniors struggling with poverty, declining health, and the challenges of aging— often alone.

For these elders, the simple comforts we take for granted—a nourishing meal, a friendly voice, the safety of home—have become critical needs. The soaring costs of long-term care and our fragmented healthcare system are failing older adults at the most vulnerable time of their lives, often jeopardizing their home, savings, and independence. Family caregivers are overwhelmed, while support services have been feeling the strain of labor shortages destined to get worse: by 2050, census estimates predict the number of Americans 65 and older will increase by more than 50 percent, to 86 million, and the population over 85 will nearly triple to 19 million.

When I feel disheartened by the inequities I see, I remind myself of the kindness and generosity of our community, which reinvigorates my hope in the future, and of what we can achieve when we let our humanity inform our actions. The dire need for the programs we provide gives us a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of more people and help create a more equitable aging experience.

At our On Lok Celebrates event this year, we were blown away by your record-breaking display of support. With your help, we can continue to serve even more seniors who are falling through the cracks and ensure the sustainability and growth of the services people desperately need.

Thanks to your generosity, last year we improved the quality of life for 1,900 frail seniors with On Lok PACE and 5,000+ active older adults through On Lok 30th Street Senior Center health promotion and lifelong learning classes. On Lok Mission Nutrition prepared and served 604,000 nutritious meals for home delivery and senior centers.

We also forged new partnerships to reach even deeper into the community, contracting with San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP) to launch On Lok Medically Tailored Meals and On Lok Enhanced Care Management, two new programs supporting low-income seniors who have chronic health conditions and complex health needs.

We have just received a two-year grant from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation to work with Openhouse and Shanti Project on outreach for Openhouse + On Lok Community Day Services, the first adult day program in the nation created for and with the LGBTQ+ community. And this year marks the 16th anniversary of the increasingly popular On Lok Always Active program, helping seniors stay healthy and strong through physical activity and community engagement.

The On Lok PACE model keeps showing its strength and relevance supporting frail elders so they can remain living in their homes. On Lok PACE participants are in the care of an interdisciplinary team that provides care planning and coordination in partnership with seniors and their families. Medical assistance is available 24/7, and all Medicare and Medi-Cal services are covered, from optometry to physical therapy, as recommended by the care team. At a time when we are seeing more national interest, at both the policy and reimbursement levels, in home and community services over large-scale institutional programs, On Lok PACE services remain personalized and local: last year we delivered hundreds of thousands of medicines and meals, as well as 349,867 hours of home care.

We were thrilled to launch the On Lok Excelsior Day Center, an alternative care setting for On Lok PACE participants, bringing more geographically convenient services to a diverse community in San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood. At the same time, we are making investments to expand our capability in southern Alameda and Santa Clara counties, building and renovating two new locations.

All we accomplished this year would not have been possible without your help, and these achievements energize us about the exciting future we are creating together. We are more than ever committed to a more equitable vision of aging, and with your support we can continue to bring food, care, and hope to older adults who need us. Let us be the agents of the changes we want to see. Please join us by supporting our work today with a gift, no matter how small. Every dollar donated will be used to make our elders feel seen, valued, and supported.

With deep gratitude, I wish you all a peaceful and joyful holiday season.

Grace Li, CEO