“I’m thankful I’m here.” That’s how Rhonda feels about living in San Francisco and being a participant at Openhouse + On Lok Community Day Services. She and her peers affectionately call the program Club 75—it’s their place to feel seen and heard as LGBTQ+ seniors.

Rhonda has always been a happy-go-lucky person. But over the past couple of years, she has suffered multiple small strokes, and she is really starting to feel the effects: memory loss, imbalance, and the inability to do simple tasks, such as putting on her shoes.

Rhonda felt frustrated and depressed, and although she knew she needed help, she was worried she would not be able to find a place that was safe and welcoming for LGBTQ+ seniors. Then she found Club 75.

At Club 75, Rhonda can enjoy social activities that recognize and celebrate her true colors, all while receiving affordable and compassionate care to support her health and wellbeing. Club 75 serves a vulnerable segment of the population that might otherwise be forgotten or prematurely pushed toward nursing home care:

  • 100% are low income

  • 755 live alone

  • 70% are at risk for malnutrition

  • 50% are above age 75

According to the Dignity Fund, LGBTQ+ seniors make up 11 to 12 percent of San Francisco’s senior population but comprise less than 2 percent of the population in senior programs. Many of them have experienced the risks of social isolation and lack of gender-affirming care options. Many more are struggling with memory problems, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

The On Lok + Openhouse Community Day Services partnership addresses these concerns. As the nation’s first community-based adult day program created with and for LGBTQ+ seniors, Club 75 offers a safe and life-affirming space where each day’s programming is robust and intentional.

Today, Rhonda’s days at Club 75 are filled with laughter and connections. “I feel special to have found On Lok,” she says. “I’m not alone anymore, I feel better, and know that I matter.”

Your support today helps protect and expand access to these vital services for current and future generations of seniors. Please visit: https://support.onlok.org/e/Axvqhg?vid=zly8b.

* SOURCE: Equity analysis performed by the Dignity Fund